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Herba Polonica
58(3): 16-23

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Intraspecific variability of great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis L.) in respect of sterols content

Mirgos M., Przybyszewska E., Capecka E., Angielczyk M., Przybył J.L., B±czek K., Węglarz Z.

The content and composition of sterol compounds in wild growing great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis L.) populations were determined. The herb and underground organs of this plant were collected from 10 natural sites in Poland. The HPLC analysis revealed the presence of 5 sterol compounds, namely ß-sitosterol, ß-sitosterol D-glucoside, campesterol, brassicasterol and stigmasterol in these raw materials. Among them, ß-sitosterol Dglucoside was dominant one. The herb was richer in sterol compounds than underground organs. There were significant differences between the content of above mentioned compounds in these populations.

Key words: great burnet, populations, sterol compounds, HPLC