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Extraction Lab

In this lab the investigation concerning the influence of the extraction method and solvent type on the composition of obtained extracts is kept. Samples for further studies on other topics of research are also prepared.
   This lab is also used for the teaching purpose of the courses Methods of drying and preservation of vegetable and herb raw materials, Preservation of raw materials of high biological value, Instrumental analysis, Vegetables quality assessment , Essential oil raw materials and Herbal extraction technology.
  • Universal extraction system Büchi B-811

    Raw material extraction

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  • System for the accelerated solvent extraction ASE® 350

    Raw material extraction

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  • Universal, experimental apparatus for raw material extraction and distillation 3EU01 with steam generator WP 12 and vacuum pump AT6 TERPO

    Experimental works with larger amount of raw material (0,5-5,0 kg):
    - hydrodistillation
    - steam distillation
    - water and organic solvent extraction
    - solvent evaporation

  • Deryng apparatus

    Determination of volatile oils content

  • Büchi Rotavapor® R-205

    Solvent evaporation

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  • Sonification bath

    Extraction, precipitations and samples dissolving

  • Labconco FreeZone 2.5

    Raw material and extracts lyophilization

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  • analytical balances