Department of Vegetable and Medicinal Plants

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Seed Science & Research Lab

Increasing the value of seeds of medicinal plants and vegetables:
- Analysis of the flowering biology
- The impact of conditioning seed germination, seedling vigor, yield and crop quality

Ongoing work: Origanum majorana, Capsicum annuum, Ocimum basilicum, Coriandrum sativum

   This lab is also used for the teaching purpose of the courses: NasiennictwoNasiennictwo ogrodnicze.
  • Sanyo MLR 350 Plant Growth Chambers, effective capacity 294 L, temperature control range: +5 to 50°C, lighting range: 0 to 20,000lx, humidity control range: 60 to 90%RH

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  • Nuve ES110 incubators
  • incubators
  • Poleko CHL350-TB freezer

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  • Stereoscopic Microscope, Nikon HFX-DX with camera