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Vegetable Storage Lab

The ways of improving the capacity of storage vegetables.
   This lab is also used for the teaching purpose of the courses: Storage, Technology of vegetables handling , Storage of horticulture products and New trends in horticulture.
  • Storage chambers 3x5m
  • Storage chambers 4x5m KA, KA cointainers
  • Hunter Lab Mini Scan spectrophotometer

    CIELab color model color evaluation, spectra evaluation

  • D. Bishop Instruments COMBO instrument

    Concentration of CO2 and O2 evaluation

  • D. Bishop Instruments Fruit Pressure Tester FT 327

    the maturity and tenderness evaluation

  • Durometer Bareiss Prufgeratebau GmbH HPE II

    the maturity and tenderness evaluation

  • Refractometer

    Measurement of an index of refraction (sugar content)

  • Gorący stół do pakowania w folię PVC i PE MAX-450

    Film packing

  • Mini Pack device

    Heat shrink film packing

  • Tenderometers, scales