Department of Vegetable and Medicinal Plants

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Trainings Offer

List of Trainings
  • Herb plantation as additional source of income for farmers and their family members, organized by the Omega Center in Mińsk Mazowiecki, 2006-2007.

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Proposed Training Topics
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants organic cultivation
  • Wild growing medicinal and aromatic plants harvest
  • Modern sensory analysis methods

Sensory Analysis Lab offer

Objectives of food products sensory evaluation
  • Product attractiveness for consumer test
  • Market survey
  • Consumer habits and preferences test
  • New varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs test
  • Varietal and technological factors as well the storage time and conditions on product quality influence
  • Our vs other product comparison test

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Our offer
  • Food products consumer tests: acceptance, preference and desirableness determination
  • Food products analytical sensory tests focusing on a plant raw material: vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs
  • Modern sensory analysis methods